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DS/DT: BTSSB, Angelic Pretty, Heart E many items, Low Prices!

 Please read first
  • I come from a smoker house, but I don't smoke myself, never allow smokers in my room and I am very careful so that my lolita clothes don't come in touch with smoke.
  • I have a pet dog, it doesn't get in my room but keep it in mind.
  • Buyer who leaves paypal address first gets the item
  • Buyer has to pay in 48 hours after invoiced or contact me. In any other case, the invoice will be canceled and I may or may not leave neutral/negative feedback on said buyer.
  • Paypal fees included. 
  • Shipping fees NOT included but listed under each item
  • I have the right to refuse selling to byers with negative feedback
  • I ship within a week after completion of payment
  • I am not responsible for lost packages unless the buyer chooses shipping with tracking, so all buyers are kindly advised to do so.
  • I can hold an item for a week if a 30% non refundable deposit is given
  • I can combine shipping
  • My feedback page
  • In case of trading, I always ship with tracking and I expect the other side to do so too.
Thank you very much

BTSSB Usakumiya Embroidered Bunny Hood Cardigan SOLD! THANK YOU

Very cute knit cardigan featuring
hood with bunny ears and ribbons, lovely knit lace, flower buttons and usakumiya embroidery.
Condition: Very good. Has little to no piling at all

Sleeve*: 65 cm (measuring from puff sleeve seam and down, lace included)
Length**: 46 cm (Measuring from top of shoulder and down, lace included)
Width: 88 cm (un-stretched, has same width all the way down)

Price: 40 euro OBO

Europe: 5,50 eu w/o tracking or 8 eu with tracking
Rest of the World: 6,30 eu w/o tracking or 8,80 eu with tracking


BTSSB Casual Mini Skirt SOLD, THANK YOU!


This is a casual BTSSB skirt. The material is like the one they use on parkas and hoodies. Perfect for everyday casual looks. It features pockets with lace, ribbons,
hem ruffle and cute heart trim.
Condition: Good: Has some piling in some parts, nothing too obvious and the print, while still intact is not completely crisp


Waist: 64 cm - 84 cm
Length: 40 cm

Price: 30 euro OBO

Europe: 5,50 eu w/o tracking or 8 eu with tracking
Rest of the World: 6,30 eu w/o tracking or 8,80 eu with tracking


Angelic Pretty Happy Candy Comb SOLD! THANK YOU!

I need to state that I am not sure that these combs are Angelic Pretty. I purchased them as such, but there is not tag proving so. They are supposed to be the ones in the stock pic above, only it is the pink x pink colorway.
Condition: New

Price: 7 euro OBO

Europe: 1,85 eu w/o tracking or 4,35 eu with tracking
Rest of the World: 1,88 eu w/o tracking or 4,38 eu with tracking



All socks are band new, never worn or tried on. 


Angelic Pretty Red x White striped socks:
Length*: 35 cm
Price: 16 euro OBO

BtSSB Pink x White stripe Logo socks
Length*: 37 cm
Price 11 euro OBO

Heart E Cherry Print Pink socks:
Length*: 40 cm
Price: 15 euro OBO

Shipping per Pair
Europe: 2,45 eu w/o tracking or 4,95 eu with tracking
Rest of the World: 2,60 eu w/o tracking or 5,10 eu with tracking


*Length measured from heel and up, not from toe

Btssb Halloween Alice Print Underbust JSK


 I bought this jsk, second hand, a while ago since it is one of my dream prints but unfortunately it doesn't fit quite right. I've only tried it on. It is in the most pretty, ivory color version. The bodice is a soft velveteen while the skirt part is cotton. It has front lacing, knit and venice lace, side zip.
It is in very good condition apart from some faint yellow spots.
They are very small and hardy noticeable, since the color is ivory too.

Measurements taken from Hello Lace:  
Length: 92cm,
Bust 84cm but since it is an underbust, it can vary depending on the person
Waist: 64cm can stretch up to 68 cm and can go lower due to front lacing

Additional Photos: Back, Print, Bodice, Lace

For trade/partial trade, I am interested in any dress/skirt in my wish list  but will consider other offers too, as long as it is not punk or too OTT sweet

Price: 200 euro OBO

Europe: 6,65 eu w/o tracking or 9,15 eu with tracking
Rest of the World: 8,65 eu w/o tracking or 11,15 eu with tracking 

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