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DT: Meta Romantic Train for Brand Skirt!

My feedback is here:
I prefer to work with only US buyers/sellers, but I will consider international offers as well!
Right now I'm about two weeks from graduating, meaning I'm quite busy. It might take me a week to get something shipped to you, but I will keep in contact 24/7
I don't usually ship with tracking.

On to the post!

I would like to trade my Meta Romantic Train skirt for another brand skirt (I'm also okay with partial trades and paying the difference). Mog is my proof of ownership ^_^

It's a lovely skirt, and in great condition! I am the 2nd owner, but I've only worn the skirt a couple times and there are no flaws as far as I can tell. The waist is fully shirred, so it will fit multiple sizes. :) My reason for trading is that I don't think it really suits me anymore.

I'm willing to look at anything, but here is a list of prints I'm particularly interested in:

(This is one of my "dream prints" so this is my top choice for trades ;) )

I paid $78 shipped for the Meta skirt, so of course if anything you have is of higher value I'm willing to pay the difference. If you don't have any of these prints but think I'd be interested in something you do have, show me! (For reference my waist measurement is 72cm)

Thanks and happy shopping!
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