vanilla1406 (vanilla1406) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Sweet Lolita Shoes 26-26,5cm

Hello ^^

My Feedback:

I'm searching for some shoes which not too much heel.

Color: Black, Pink, Lavender (They should fit well to Sugary Carnival in black ^__^)
Style: low heels - like Teapartys, Heartbuckles ...


But also Shoes with a bit higher Heel like this would be fine:

(I'm sorry if it is your photo and I was not allowed to post it - plmk)

Brand: not important - more important that they fit well ^^
Size: German 41/42, US 8,5, Japan 26,5, UK 7,5
Condition: Some small marks are okay with me.
Price: Something about 30€ excl. shipping

I'd like to prefer european sellers, because of shipping :)

Thank you
Tags: !wtb, an-ten-na, bodyline, montreal, offbrand, secret shop

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