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items here are still available

Repost with 20% discount! Also please feel free to haggle because I really want to get rid of them ^^" If I can't sell them within a couple days I will be putting them up on Ebay.
Link to feedback page 

Basic Rules:
  • For now I ship in the US only because I'm pretty new to this. Sorry ^^"
  • I accept Paypal only
  • No extra shipping fees or Paypal fees
  • First to leave Paypal gets priority
  • Please pay for invoice within 24 hours or I reserve the right to sell to next buyer
  • I will try to ship items within 2 business days, but since I'm a busy college student, please understand that I might not have time to go to the post office especially since it's getting near finals week.
  • I ship with the cheapest option available to me unless you request otherwise. I will try to work with you in case of any lost items but I can't guarantee anything. 
  • Feel free to ask questions / request more photos : )
  • Also feel free to haggle ^^

Item #2 : Bodyline cutsew - L244 - size M - $15 $12 shipped

Bought directly from Bodyline. Only tried on once, never worn outside. Warning - lace is pretty scratchy.

[Link to item on BL site]

Item #3 : Offbrand black polkadot headband - $6 $5 shipped 

Worn outside once then stored. 

Item #4 : Offbrand off-white lace headband - $7 $5 shipped 

Bought it at Claire's. 

Worn to take a photo once, never worn outside.   


[Link for worn picture]

Item #5: Offbrand lace and bow topped white socks - $7 $5 shipped [SOLD]

Bought from, worn once to take a photo then stored 

[Link for lace detail] 

Item #6: Offbrand shoes - $25 $20 shipped  [SOLD]

Measurements: 6.5 -7 US/37/23.5/M according to person I got them from.  According to new info, they should be 6-6.5 US
Bought from another seller on the comm for $25 shipped, were extremely cute, but unfortunately were a tad bit too small.(I'm a 6.5 - 7 US, so be careful before you decide to buy!) 

Apparently original owner wore it out once, and I have only tried it on. There are some tiny scruffs on the outside and the insole of the right foot is peeling but is still very much wearable and pretty. 

[Link to original sales post

Thanks for looking! : )

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