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!ds Lolita fabrics and heart chain.


I have some supplies I want to sell. ^_^

You have to add the shipping costs and the paypal fees to the prices.
Payments via paypal.

I will just ship International with registered shipping, since I have had problems with international ordinary shippings
IMPORTANT: I won't be held responsible once the items had left my hands and are out of the country, but I'll give my best to help you if there is any problem with the shipping :)

USA customs are getting a bit difficult lately so items seem to get stuck on there for a really long time (between 1-2 months from what I have seen). Be aware that I can't do anything on that, so I only ship with a shipping with tracking, so you can check that it has truly being shipped. If you want to use some kind of courier company like MRW or UPS, please ask me about it. Thank you for your understanding.

My Feedback: (I have many feedbacks on ebay and doll forums, all of them positive)
Location: Spain

Lolita Kids fabric in black and pink.

Proof of ownership:

Measurements: The fabric measures 57x20 inches or 145x50cm aprox.
Condition: New

Price: 4,5 euro per piece of 57x20 inches (I have 7-8 meters of each fabric, so you can buy for example a piece of 57x60 inches/145x150cm it would cost 15 euro)
Each of this pieces would cost 5 euros, but since I have some yards of it you can buy longer pieces.

The price of the shipping for the fabrics will be the same for pieces from 0,5 up to 2 meters (I thing for 2,5 meters it should cost the same, but I’ll have to check the price in the post office if you want it) If you want to know how much the shipping would be for larger pieces, please, feel free to ask :D
Shipping costs:

Certified shipping: 5,15 euros (with tracking)
Regular Shipping: 3 euros
Certified shipping: 9,3 euros (with tracking)
Regular Shipping: 7 euros
Certified shipping: 13 euros (with tracking)

Heart chain:

Condition: New
Measurements: every little heart is like 0,4x0,5cm. I have like 10-12 meters of it.
Price per meter: 3 euros (you can ask for half meters too)

The price of the shipping for the chain will be the same for all the lenghts.

Certified shipping: 4 euros (with tracking)
Regular Shipping: 1,8 euros
Certified shipping: 5,3 euros (with tracking)
Regular Shipping: 3 euros
Certified shipping: 6 euros (with tracking)

Hope you like it! ^_^
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