cikrapt (cikrapt) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Cream or Ivory Blouses ONLY [FOUND]

 Hello, I'm currently interested in buying a cream or ivory blouse, preferably short sleeves with a high collar, like this one from Anna House:

My budget is pretty tight, around $40-$45 shipped, so I'm leaning more towards off-brand, Bodyline, or Taobao brands. I'm using this for a cosplay, so it's fine if it's not in great condition. 

I need this by May 25th, as I plan to wear it to Fanime.

My feedback is here, at I am located in the SF Bay Area, California. 

My measurements are: B: 34, W: 27.

Show me your blouses! :)
Tags: !wtb

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