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SS: Q-Pot Shopping Service Reminder + Mickey Mouse Added!


I run a shopping service out of Hawaii for
Q-pot and I've recently added fabric shopping as well. I'm working on loading the fabric shopping samples page, so be sure to check back often! I also have important news, so please read further below. Thank you!

I have feedback here.

Please click my lovely picture to direct yourself to my constantly updating
Q-pot in-store page. It has a lot of the items that the store has in stock pictured. We recently got in the new Pate de Fruit, Biscuit Ice Cream Sandwich, and Mickey Mouse jewelry so scroll down to the bottom of the page to check it out! There's also new balloon animals that are just to die for!

My shopping service and shipping information can be found
here, so please read carefully. Basic fee is 15%, but there may be special information pertaining to your order so it's better to check. Shipping will be via First Class unless otherwise requested.

Also~ One of Q-pot's primary factories was located in Sendai and no longer exists. That being said, there will be a discontinuation of certain items, meaning.. What you see is what you get. If there is something you want, DON'T WAIT! It may never re-appear! I will do my best to update a list of end-of-run items.

For anyone interested in my fabric shopping service, you can contact me through
PM or email to see samples. I should have the proper page up soon barring any further delays.

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