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DS/DT - A few items.

Feedback -

For trades, this is my wish list.
I doubt I will be able to get anything from it,  but I can do partial trades with off brand, Bodyline, Anna House, Taobao, replicas, etc. I dislike colors like red, orange, and yellow. I dont like pink, Angelic Pretty, or sweet lolita too much, but I will consider looking at it. I REALLY like Sailor lolita, and any prints with cute animals on them. ^_^ I would like to add, I am NOT planning on buying anything at the moment, so please dont sell me anything on my wishlist just yet.. ;~; </3

Last thing, I just want to say, please do not hesitate to ask for more pics. For international buyers, please ask for the shipping.

1. Atelier Pierrot, black petticoat, $59 shipped/tracked.
Bought from Tokyo Rebel and worn a few times. It gives off a medium poof, no cupcake shape.

When worn under a skirt.

2. Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Princess Paris Drop jsk, $129 shipped/tracked.
Bought from another user on here. I have only tried it on twice but decided it doesnt suit me. It has shirring in the back, two pockets in the front, and detachable waist ties. On HelloLace, it says the back should have some strings for a corset lace up. I bought it without the strings, and dont have any to replace it.

3. Bodyline, red shoes, size 5.5 US, $41 shipped/tracked.
Bought it a while ago. I have never wore it out, only tried on at home a few times. For a trade, I would like some black shoes from either Bodyline, Secret Shop, or off brand. I DO NOT want any brand or expensive shoes, please. I like to wear a six 6 more then a 5.5, and I dont wear heels.

Stock photo.

4. Black tank top, $50 shipped/tracked.
Bought it off ebay from a Chinese seller a long time ago. I wore it a few times, but it isnt really my style. I think it might work for a punk lolita look, maybe. The chest area has a built in bra, or at least, I think it does from the way it feels. My own measurements in inches are, Bust: 29, Waist: 25 1/2, Hips: 32 1/2. For bust, it fits me perfectly with some room, but I dont recommend it for people with a big bust, as I feel only a few more inches can fit into the chest area. The zippers are functional, the shoulder straps are detachable, and the straps in the middle for the neck area are also detachable. Ask for worn pics, please.

Here are some items I am selling for my friends. She is from Albany and will be shipping from there. She is NOT looking for trades, as she needs the money the most, so PLEASE dont ask.

1. Metamorphose, brown jsk with matching hair bow, $133 shipped/tracked.
The bust is 36 inches MAX, and the waist is 30 inches with shirring in the back, as well as waist ties.

2. Bodyline, brown shoes, $42 shipped/tracked.
Also has some scratches and scuffs, but not really noticeable as well. Size 27, or a 10.5 for U.S.


Old sales, In The Starlight skirt:

Thanks for looking~
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