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WTB: Sleeping Beauty JSK & red cardigan/bolero

Location: Kanazawa, Japan
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This is my dream dress, Sleeping Beauty JSK. I would prefer it in ivory, but I like the black as well. I do NOT want the navy version (I have too many navy dresses already). I'm willing to pay up to retail price ($322) for them but the dress must be in excellent/new condition. I am aware of the auction for a black JSK already, but I would prefer to buy it directly than compete in an auction. If they come with matching accessories, I'll of course pay more accordingly.

I am also looking for a red cardigan or bolero to match my Bodyline RHS here:
I'm willing to pay up to $50 for used brand (less for offbrand).  Short sleeve, long sleeve, knit, jersey, doesn't matter as long as it is a solid red in the same or very similar color. Must fit 90 cm bust and have fairly long sleeves if it is a long sleeved cardigan.

Please show me what you have!
Tags: !wtb, alice and the pirates, any brand
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