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DS: ALL REDUCED BPN bolero, Milk bag


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AP replica Sandals in white by An*tai*na
Size is 24cm

Worn 2 or 3 times at most. They have no flaws or wear marks. Front bows are detachable.

Price: 40 euro 30 euro + shipping

BPN bolero in white
Bought at Closet Child. Never worn by me because unfortunately it doesn't fit :X
Measurements: sleeve width 31cm; shoulders width 32,5cm

I'm accepting trades for this item ^^

Price: 25 euro 20 euro shipped

Detail shots were taken with flash so you can see the lovely lace & fabric ^^

Gingham bag by MILK

Bought at Closet Child, never worn by me. Measuments: 22 × 23 × 8.5cm

Price: 10 euro 8 euro + shipping

...and I still have this cute IW bolero for sale here!

If you have questions about a particular item or need extra photos, just go ahead and ask me, I'll reply asap.

Happy shopping!

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