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DS: AatP, BPN, ... Auction: AP Moon Night Story Bag Lavenda

As may some of you already know, my beloved laptop died and I have to buy a new one. Therefore I cleaned up my closet and now it's up to you to grap some nice pieces for yours.

prices are in €uro
I always prefer the highest offer for an item (accept it's already paied)
Paypal Fees included (but would prefer normal transfer in Germany)
ask for Shipping Costs, if you are interested ^^ (shipping in Germany is included)
I don't take any responsibility for lost postage and would prefer tracking and insured shipping but it's up to you (but pls don't complain afterwards)

I ship from Germany, live in a non-smoker and (sadly) pet-free household

My feedback:

~+~Lolita Fashion~+~

 Angelic Pretty - Moon Night Story Shoulder Bag in Lavenda SOLD

Putumayo Gothic Cutsew - quit new and never tried on - 70€

Putumayo Alice Skirt - quit new and never tried on - 95€

Putumayo Cutsew with Devil Cat - 35€

Black Peace Now Skirt - 75€

AatP Blouse with Jabot - 80€

Moi-même-Moitié Knee-High Socks - 25€

H. Naoto Blood Geta - 55€ SOLD

Peace Now Cardigan - 20€ (versy used)

Peace Now Cutsew - 15€ (it's not the original coulour anymore... I washed it with black colour and got that grey tone)

Bodyline white Bolero 20€

Bodyline black blouse - 15€ (one button is ripped off but easily to fix with a little more sewing skills than I have) SOLD

Bodyline black x white Blouse with Rosette - 20€

Bodyline red shoes 26.0 - 25€
( I wore that Shoes one time and they have small stains from it)

Offbrand Coat with Cape - 75€

Barbara Viktor Custom Made Cat JSK - 85€

Offbrand Blue Roses Knee-High Socks - 5€

Offbrand Punk Lolita Cutsew


Feel free to visit my Blog for more stuff I'm selling: hitsumitsuo.livejournal.com/20650.html
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