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DT! Bodyline IW Puppy Replica (Sax Blue)

Hello everyone! <3

I have Bodyline's IW Puppy replica in sax blue, which was my dream dress for a long time, but I feel the color simply doesn't suit me anymore.
Here is the link to my egl_feedback page: eglfeedback.livejournal.com/623308.html
Additional feedback can be found here: herfluffyness.livejournal.com/6706.html
Here are my proof pictures.

NOTE!!!: I have removed the bottom two bows from the dress, but they will be included with the dress!

Print detail

Worn by me

The dress is in excellent, but worn condition. The first owner was crazyspork_i_am and she took excellent care of the dress, and so have I. As I said below the first proof photo, I have removed the bottom two bows, but they will be included with the dress. The first owner also removed the satin ribbon from the lacing on the back, but that is easily replaceable. If you need any additional photos or measurements, I will be more than happy to provide them!

1) The same print in black colorway, JSK or skirt

2) BL black cameo print JSK, this version:

(Photo found on google image search, if you are the owner please tell me if you would like it removed!)

3) These Bodyline shoes in black or enamel black, 24.5 or 25:

4) DOL Black Spade Bag

Thanks for looking and have a nice day!
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