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DS/DT/WTB : JSK, Socks, Shoes, Frabics

My feedback page here.

All prices are listed in CND. No  PP fees

Shipped prices listed are included within Canada & USA only.
I will not be responsible for items shipped without tracking once they leave my hands.
Paypal only.
All clothing are kept in clothing bags, smoke free home. I do have 2 bunnies, they may be a stray piece of fur on the fabrics.
No refunds or exchanges.
Feel free to make me offers if prices are not reasonable.
Shoes will not be shipped internationally, but if you're still interested, shipping is like $26+

No Trades unless it's on my list.

Innocent World Forest Orchestra Jsk Dusty Pink

$165 OBO

Condition is excellent, I've only worn it once. I am the second owner. There is shirring & waist ties on the back.

ETC Black cutsew $50 $40
I just got this in a trade, thinking it was black, but the main fabric actually has a slightly metallic look to it.

Secret Shop Tea Party Red 23.5 $60 shipped

worn out once. Great condition.
Minor scuff on the front

SS TP 23.5 Red

an*tai*na IW replica short boots brown 23.5 $65 OBO shipped

only tried on.


an*tai*na IW replica black boots 23.5 $75 OBO shipped

I just received them, they are brand new, unworn. I've only tried them on (they are actually quite comfortable). Even though I order the matte PU, they still have a slight gloss to it that I don't like. It just seem more glossy then I expected.  I would like to get back what I paid for these.



slight imperfections on the front heart cutouts, leather underneath not even, but not noticeable.
detail :: detail

Handkerchiefs from IW LP $15 Shipped.

Puppies one has been sold.

Bodyline Stretch dot Black Blouse $15 shipped

never worn

Length 50cm
Bust 88cm
Shoulder length 37cm
Sleeve length 58cm

Pink Organza Petticoat $50 shipped OBO
Linked with a cotton layer, length 48cm, hips free, waist 66cm ~


Under a mid-weight jsk for a subtle poof

Brand Socks


1. IW Dolce knee high $26 shipped (new)
2.  AATP navy stripe knee high $22 shipped (worn once)
3. AATP Beauty & the Rose Promise $37 shipped (new)
4. AATP black card suite $22 (worn once)

Offrand / SS Socks


from  left to right, all new unworn. all $10 shipped each.

1& 2 off brand, the rest secret shop.

3 pairs of pink SS socks are sold


il_fullxfull.220269496 il_fullxfull.213956543 il_fullxfull.215895972 il_fullxfull.213960230

From left to right all $18 shipped.
1. Chain is approx. 21" in length & the bow is 60mm x 38mm in size.
2. Chain is approx. 18" in length & the bow is 90mm x 60mm in size.
3. Chain is approx. 20" in length & the bow is 65mm x 35mm in size.
4. Chain is approx. 22" in length & the bow is 60mm x 30mm in size.


P1010619 P1010620

Fruits Parlor : 2m x 100cm $40 shipped.


rose & pearls : 1.5m x 100cm $ $32 shipped
this does have a slight glitter to it on some area.

P1010613 P1010613

lace cutouts : 1.5m x 100cm $ $30 shipped
the second photos shoes, there are some areas that are cutouts. This is a lighter weight cotton then the rest. The color is indeed black or not gray as it shows. there is only a lace edging on 1 end.

P1010624 P1010628

brown strawberry corduroy : 2m x 100cm $ $20 shipped
This made of a corduroy material, thus a little heavier


pink flowers : 2m x 100cm $ $20 shipped

P1010632 P1010629

Beige / Brown soft tulle lace : 2.3m x 17cm $13 shipped.


I would like to trade my pair of black SS tea party in 23.5 for a pair of SS 9817 in black size 23.5 please.
Or if you can offer me a pair similar.  Or if you have a pair to sell me.


SS TP 23.5 Black

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