lastheaven (angellusion) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Innocent World OP, h.naoto FRILL OP


Payment methods: PayPal (send as a gift to avoid the fee, or other method as long as you pay the fee), bank transfer or direct bank deposit

Payment must be made within 7 days otherwise the offer will go to the next buyer

Shipping: Please leave a comment with the country you reside in and I will go to the post office to get an exact quote for you. Please state if you want express post quotes as well  (I will be asking for air mail prices as default)

Sadly, these items have just been sitting in my closet since I don't wear lolita anymore these days. ): I really love these dresses but they deserve more love. )':

Innocent World Blue Rose OP

Measurement: Bust/Waist: 80-110cm (shirring on back)
Price: $350 AUD

h.naoto FRILL OP

Measurement: Bust/Waist: 33cm flat across, but stretches due to shirring on back
Price: $350 AUD

And a petticoat is still on sale in this post
Tags: !ds, h.naoto, innocent world

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