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DA: AP Milky Berry JSK, DS: BTSSB, Meta, replica's

You can make a offer on all items, at this point I just want to get rid of them!!!
- feedback: community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/280683.html
- Priority goes to those who buy (instead of trade)

- Shipping is not included in the prices, please state whether you'd like registered or not, if you don't state I'll automatically quote the most basic shipping, excluding tracking and insurance

- I ship from the Netherlands, items are usually shipped within 5 days, let me know if it's urgent so that I can try to send it as soon as possible. I'll also let you know if for some reason it takes longer to ship the items out ^^

- Paypal fees are also NOT included. 3.9% + €0.35 fees will be added.
Only paypal for those outside of the EU

- First to ask/show interest is first in line, however if you offer a lower price than my asking price and the next in line offers either the full price or gives a higher offer, the item will go to them

- If you've inquired, please let me know whether you are still interested or not, if I haven't heard from you within 24 hours, I'll go to the next person in line

- At this point in time, I do not do holds, I really need the money urgently.

- More pictures can be taken upon request also don't hesitate to ask questions, I'll try my best to answer them as correctly as I can ^^
- For items marked with a bodyline size M, I took the measurements from the Bodyline site where possible, please ask for more precise measurements ^^

- All these clothes (except those noted) fit me, my bust is 34 - 36" waist 28", shoe size EU37/38, 23.5 cm

Angelic Pretty Milky Berry JSK + barette

Auction will be ended on may 12th, 4.00pm EST (10.00pm Dutch time)

Please leave your bid in the comment-section I left for it, also if you'd like to outbid someone, please leave your bid as a comment on their bid. As I'm busy with school and exams, I may not have enough time to properly keep everyone updated on their bidstatus.

starting bid: €160
Current bid: €170 by chisana_ichigo
please increase with a minimum of €5

I got this in a trade, so I'm not sure of it's original value. Worn once, can't find any flaws.
More information and pictures here:
Measurements can go up a couple of cm's due to shirring, it fits my measurements as listed above.

Direct Sale

DoL Bunny OP


Never worn by me.
Measurements laid flat:
Bust: 17.3"
Waist: 14"

SOLD BTSSB black x white JSK


Worn once by a friend of mine, as far as I can see, there's no flaws.
Measurements laid flat:
bust: 17" 
waist: about 15" (a little bit bigger)

HMHM black and navy chandelier JSK


Both have never been worn by me, I really adore them, but I just have no oppurtunity to wear them unfortunately :(
They both fit my measurements perfectly, but can go a bit higher/lower to fit, because of the corsetting.

Kidsyoyo AP Celebi coat


Worn a couple of times, as you can see, some of the "gems" fell off. The little package laid on the coat, has all extras, including buttons and those "gems" (sorry, I do not know the correct word for it XD) The coat got a little dirty, as seen in the last picture (It's really lighted, the "dirt" on the bow is just some dust that can be brushed off and is isn't really noticable unlike in the picture)
length: 36"

Measurements laid flat:
bust: 19"
waist: 17"

SOLD Taobao coat

Note: stockpic is brown, mine is black

This coat is really cute, but as I already have a coat that's almost the same, this one has to go ^^
measurements laid flat:
bust: 17"
waist: 15" - 15.5"

SOLD Anna House white petticoat

This petticoat is too poofy for me XD Can fit a wide range of sizes due to elastic.

Bodyline petticoat


This petticoat is good for casual wear or to layer with another petticoat, it isn't all that poofy.

Metamorphose bloomers


Bodyline Candy tote bag


Never used

Baby the stars shine bright tote bag


Used once

Ivory Baby the Stars shine Bright replica bag

€25 - reduction in new post

Never used

Bodyline hat w/ veil, swimmer fur hat

€12.50 for each - reduction in new post

Gloves, wristcuffs, Usakumya strap

handmade wristcuffs - €5, €3 if bought along the Milky Berry JSK
Usakumya strap - €12
Gloves (the one on the right, is my own as example) - €13

Tags: !da, !ds, angelic pretty, anna house, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, handmade, hmhm, metamorphose, offbrand, swimmer

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