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[Found one, thanks!] Urgent !WTB: Any OP or JSK suitable for formal/prom

I've decided on the dress, not accepting any more offers.
Thank you very much everyone ^^

My feedback can be found

I was planning to get a certain dress for a formal this Friday, but the plan fell through And now I'm in urgent need of something to wear to it ;_;
So I thought -- since I like lolita fashion, might as well wear a pretty lolita dress ^_^ 

 I can pay up to $100 immediately and might go a little over if I really like something
 If your item is more expensive than that, I can pay you the rest by the end of June.If this is not okay please tell me and I'll see what I can do.

My size - bust 34, waist 29.5
I prefer black/white/pink/offwhite colors
Floral prints are okay, some classical prints might be okay, but please no overly sweet prints >_<
I don't care what brand it is. Examples of styles I'm thinking of:

(Example of a print I'm borderline okay with - it's a little too busy but not overly cute)

(@Mods; To be honest, not sure if this is lolita. If it's not, please tell me and I can remove it)

My conditions:
I will choose the item I want by Sunday midnight (EST)
I can pay up to $100 immediately (by Paypal)
The item must reach me before Friday!
Please make sure you have time to ship before you offer to sell something. Thanks ^^"

Tags: !wtb, any brand

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