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DS/DT: AP Cutsew, AP Replica JSK, offbrand jewelry.


Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/467994.html

I live with 2 cats, and a smoker. I will lint roll all the clothes before i ship them, but i can't garentee that there wont be any fur on them.

Tortoro will be my proof


DS/DT: AP Cutsew.

I bought this a few months ago, and i've worn it once. I've decided that it is just too short on my torso (i'm 5foot 7). If I trade it, i'd like to trade for a cutsew which is longer. I think it originally had detachable sleaves, bt they weren't included when i bought it. If i sell, i'd like to make back what i payed- £25.

Bust - 16 inches accross
Waist - 15 inches
Length - 15 inches

DS: Necklaces -

Once upon a time necklace (from topshop) - £5.
Gothic Cross Necklace - £2
Dear pendant (doesn't have a chain) - £1

Milky Chan Replica Velvet Aplique JSK. I ordered this from dollscrop through QutieLand. Its missing a few of the pompoms from along the bottom which isn't noticiable unless looking for them. Its also missing the chain from the front of the dress.
Mesurements - 38 inch bust but can go a fair bit bigger.
33 Inch waist.

I think when i perchased this, it ended up at about £80. I don't know what to price it so best offers?

Thank you :)


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