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DS: Strawberry Gingham Bodyline JSK, Infanta Blouse, and a Few Other Things...


~My feedback can be found at eglfeedback and in my journal
~All Prices in USD
~Paypal only, fees will be added to price, unless you'd like to do a personal payment.
NO ECHEQUES. Payment must be made within a few days.
~Priority goes to the person who leaves their PayPal address,
unless there is more than one person interested in an item, in that case best offer gets it :)
~I'm happy to answer any questions, and take more pictures :)
~All pictures are clickable to make them bigger
~May be interested in trades, depends on item(s) offered.
~Will do holds with a non-refundable 20% deposit.
~Prices are negotiable, but please be reasonable.
~These items are from a pet- and smoke-free home.
~All measurements are amateur, so please ask if you're worried about something fitting you!
~I have a 33in/84cm bust, and 28in/71cm waist for reference. I'm about 5'3.


~US Buyers only, unless you're really willing to pay the international costs (US buyers still have priority).

~Shipping not included in price unless stated.
~I am not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
~Items will be shipped within a few days of payment; I'll let you know when they get shipped.
~if you want delivery confirmation or insurance on any item, please let me know.
~If you'd like to pick up an item in person, that's fine with me ^^

My pony will be my proof of ownership

Item One
Handmade Bead Bottles

these are little bottles with beads in them,
originally purchased for a project that didn't work out (wish bottles, if you're interested)
so i decided to just make them and sell them as is ^^

Please indicate which color you'd like! and for the pink, please indicate the smaller or bigger bottle.

Price: $8 shipped each

pictures of bead colors in natural light:
|| Dark Blue || Bright Blue || Clear/White || Pink (assorted colors) ||

I also have one more bottle that contains sand and crushed up sea shells. this is the same size as the small pink bottle.
(i didn't like the picture i took today of it, so i used one that i took before)

I have three types of chains, please choose one:
~18" thin chain & 24" thick chain || both worn || comparison. two of each available.
~16" silver chains || closeup || worn. four available.

~Alternatively, I have cell phone charms, six available.

Item Two 
Infanta Long Sleeve Blouse

Price: $35 shipped

Color: White

Brand new without tags. Only tried on once.
This blouse is -gorgeous-!
unfortunately I got it in a size too small for me :/
I bought the same blouse from a friend in a larger size,
so it's time for this one to go!

comes with an extra button and pink bows for the front.

Bust: 32 in max, 30 flat
Waist:  27 in max
Length: 22 in
Shoulders: 15 in across

Item Three
Bodyline Strawberry Gingham JSK

Price: $40 shipped, or best offer

Color: Yellow

Bought second hand, only wore a few times.
Still in excellent condition.
Tried it on again the other day and realized I just
didn't like it anymore.

Comes with detatchable waist bow and
non-detatchable waist ties.

Measurements from Bodyline:
Bust: 88-98 cm (fits me at 33 in bust)
Waist: 72-82 cm (fits me at 27 in waist)
Length: 94 cm

Item Four
R-Series Mademoiselle Blouse

Price: $40 shipped, or best offer
Color: White/Offwhite

Bought second hand, only tried on by me.
This blouse is absolutely gorgeous! Made of a sheer fabric.
The bust is fairly small on this blouse, and at 33 in i'm too big for it.

Missing the satin ribbon for lacing the back,
but I made one for myself, will be included.
Does not include bow for the front.
Top button was missing, was replaced with a clear one.

Bust: 32 max
Rib Cage: 28 max
Waist: 26 max
Length: shoulder to bottom: 20 in, back to bottom: 22 in


Item Five
Pearl Bracelet

Price: $5 shipped

Color: White & Silver

Brand new, never found a use for it.


Item Six
Bodyline Underbust Corset

Price: $20 shipped, or best offer

Color: Black

Bought second hand, never worn out by me.
The zipper's messed up on it, sometimes it'll zip closed,
other times it will pull up but the sides won't be connected.
Some of the plastic boning sticks out, shown in the 3rd pic.
Would really just rather have the money.

Can fit a large range of sizes.


thank you so much for looking!
any questions? feel free to ask!
Tags: bodyline, handmade, infanta, r-series
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