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DS: Leaving Lolita Sale!

-US only, please. If you *must* have something and are out of the country, I am going to heinously overcharge you for shipping and refund the difference, as attempting to estimate shipping has always failed me.
-Paypal only, no echecks.
-Payment plans are possible, let me know what you have in mind.
-Priority goes to the first person who is willing to pay full price and gives me their paypal.
-Shipping within the US is included in the prices. If you are buying multiple items you will receive a discount of a few dollars.
-If you want insurance or delivery confirmation it is extra! Once it is out of my hands I cannot be held accountable.
-I am accepting all offers, please feel free to make some and maybe we can work it out.
-This is a leaving Lolita sale. I am not looking for a trade.
-I do have cats, sometimes they shed. I do not smoke, nor does anyone in my house.
-My feedback is at

Dreaming Macaron OP in Pink $250
Stock Pic:

Proof pic:
Damage pic:

There is some light staining on the inner part of the neck and on the neck ties. I have never tried to wear the dress, and thus have never tried to get it out. Includes waist ties and bow.

Aetas Vitae “Mushroom Kingdom” JSK and headbow - $200
Stock pic:

Proof pic:
Damage pic: inside: outside:
Custom made to fit a 40” bust and a 30” waist.
The first time I put on the dress the sleeve tore. It has been hand stitched and the damage is not visible when wearing. There is also a small stitch to reinforce the other sleeve. Otherwise, no damage. Has only been worn maybe twice.

Candy Threads Sweet Chocolate JSK - $180 with headbow
Stock pic: 

Proof pic:
Made to fit a 40” bust and 30” waist. No damage, perfect condition. Includes headbow. Worn once.

Bodyline Macaron JSK in Blue- $30
Stock Pic:

Proof Pic:
Worn once or twice, perfect condition, includes teeny tiny waist ties.

Red Fruits Parlor High Waisted JSK $220
Stock Pic:

Proof Pic: 
Damage pic:
Sock proof pic:
Sock damage pic:
Includes waist ties, does not include pin. The strap button on this dress tore out (it was only sewn onto the flimsy lining) and left a small hole in the inner back lining. I have not sewn the button back on because I wanted to be able to show the small hole when I sold it. I can repair before sending if you request. There is also another loose waist tie button that I haven’t yet repaired, once again on request I will. This JSK comes with FREE MATCHING SOCKS. I payed over $50 for them, but overestimated how much stretch they had, so they are a bit stretched out with loose threads at the fruits. They are also a bit brown on the bottom, but hey. Free socks.

Pink Fruits Parlor Socks $45
Proof pic:

Damage pic:
These socks have never been worn by me (and are not at all stretched out) but there is one small mark on the sock, pictured above.

Lavender Jewelry Jelly Bow $50
Stock pic:

Proof pic:
Perfect condition, never worn. Bought it to go with my dream dress then lost the auction, so it’s just been sitting in my house.

I also have a couple of pretty severely damaged bodyline dresses. A black/pink sweet biscuit with a couple tears and no zipper and a blue polka dot dress with a ripping seam and some light stains. If you buy anything and want one of them, I’ll throw it in free.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, bodyline, indie brand

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