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DS: japanese and other fabrics


I have lots of leftover fabrics, maybe you can use it to make totebags, ribbons, or other crafts!

8 small pieces: 8€ all
different shapes, from 37 x 39 cm to 37 x 111 cm

bunnies pink fabric - 6 €
108 x 56 cm

bunnies blue fabric - 6 € each (1 available, the other one has been sold)
108 x 57

cupcakes fabric - SOLD
163 x 110 cm

bunnies shirley temple fabric: SOLD
149 x 101 cm
It has the print on both sides
it has a hole on one side, but I haven't counted this cm

pink flowers fabric - 8€
110 x 93 cm

polka dots gauze small pieces - 8€ all
105 x 51 cm each piece

polka dots red fabric - 8€
200 x 53 cm

stripes and flowers - 8€


- I don't reserve items, the first to leave paypal adress or location has priority.
- Payment: it can be by paypal or bank transfer
- Shipping: I usually use the certified mail, but you can ask for a cheaper method. Just notice that it wouldn't be as safe as the other one. The shipping price is not included, it depends on the country.
- Feedback:

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