totchiai (totchiai) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: Plain OTK's, marchen ribbon OTKs, and pink wristcuffs!

My feedback here:

Dreamy Doll house Headbow in Pink or Mint  

  Marchen Ribbon socks in PinkxPink 

AP Pink wrist cuffs or wrist cuffs of a similar style                    

 Plain pink OTK's and white OTK's with pink lace or white lace. I'm willing to look at other brands for these as long as they are at least as long as AP OTK's (I know these are on the AP website, i'm just looking to see what people have here first)

Dreamy Doll house Socks in any color besides black 
Sheep Garden bag in either color (Interested in a shopping service for this as well) 

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty

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