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!DS, !AFC: Headsbows, Bow brooches, Jewellery, Plus size blouse and more! Nothing over 15$!


-First to leave their paypal and location get first grabs on the item.
-I am located in Ontario, Canada.
-I will ship usually 4 days after cleared payment. If it takes longer I will notify you.
-Items are shipped by airmail.
-if you want tracking, please ask for a quote.
-if you want a different shipping method, please ask.
-I don't do trades, sorry.
-I am willing to hold, please inquire.
-Prices are in Canadian Dollar.
-I only accept Paypal.
-Local pickups welcome


Shipping note:
Small items such as jewellery can be shipped to the following areas for as low as:
Canada - 1.50$
USA - 2.25$
International - 4$

Direct Sale:

Glass Pearl Bracelet with Swarovski
crystal accents:

New, Hand-made by me.
Sweet glass pearl bracelet with 2 swarovski crystal accents and a pink glass bead center accent.
7 inches from starting bead to end bead, 8inches with closures.

Glass Amber Pearl Necklace with Gold Heart Accent

Very sweet necklace, well suited for just about any style.
10$.  Buy it with the matching bracelet for only 13$!
23.5 inches long from end to end.

Glass Amber Pearl Bracelet.

Very sweet bracelet, would go well with many classic, country and some sweet coords.
10 inches long from end to end, adjustable closure, minimum wrist circumference 7 inches.

3 strand Fake Amber Pearls bracelet featuring portraits of Alice and the White hare.

New, handmade by me.
Closes with a lobster claw.
Fits an 8 inch circumference MAX. 7 inch minimum.
10$ Now only 6$

Fake Pearl Earrings

New, handmade by me.
Gold plated earring base.
Buy these with any bracelet and get them for free!

Fake Amber Pearl Bracelet.

New, handmade by me.
Fits a 7inch circumference.
10$. Now only 6$!

Offbrand Sleeveless Blouse.

Picture was taken with natural light and the flash on. It's a nice bright white in person.
Tag says XL. Bought second hand. Never wore it.
I would recommend a bust under 42 inches and a waist of 38 inches to fit this best.
5$ Now only 3$!

Artist For Commission: 


Currently 2 are premade and for sale.
Both bows can be moved around on their headband.

Pink with small black polkadots: 15$.

Vintage Floral: 15$

Use the form below  to commission one~

Fabric color and Pattern preference:
Ribbon color, type (grosgrain, or satin) :
Bow size (small, medium or Head Eating) :
Number of Bows (for small bows only) :
Bow location (side, top, move-able, stitched in place) :
Matching Headband: (yes/no)
Lace preference and color:

I will try my best to find a fabric close to your specifications, same goes for lace and ribbon.
If you want fabric from an online store, please mention it above, and we can work that out via PM.

Small decorative Hair-clips/Brooches! 
These are only 9$ each!

(This is my personal copy, it matches my bodyline sailor OP very well. )
This bow measures in at: 
Length: 2.5 inches
Width:  4 inches

These can be made to match just about any dress, skirt, hairbow, you name it!
They can be made to your custom requirements, too!
Yours, of course, will have matching pearls and wire attachments. (Mine has brass attachments and amber pearls because it matched my Black Bodyline Sailor OP. )

The back of the bow will have an Alligator hairclip and a pin backing for attaching it anywhere!
(That is, until I can order in some of those dual purpose clips! )

Use the form below to commission one:

Fabric Color/Reference: 
Ribbon color, type:
Lace color/type:
Pearl colors: (White, offwhite, Amber, or other, currently trying to find colored pearls! )

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!

Thank you for looking!
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