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DS/DT: IW JSK, DollscroPs fluffy petticoat and three blouses



- I always ship the cheapest possible way, if you want insurance or faster shipping, please let me know.
- For proof of shipping, I'll take a picture of the package with the buyer's address on it, and a picture of the receipt. After that, I am no longer responsible for your package and won't give a refund if it gets lost in the mail. If you want to be on the safe side, please pay for insured shipping (+2€).
- Prices don't include shipping, but are negotiable

- I don't smoke, but I have a cat. I try to remove all hair from the clothes before I ship them, but if you're allergic, please be aware.
- If you state interest in an item, please let me know if you don't take it. After 24 hours with no reply, the item goes to the next in line.

- my feedback page: (100% positive)

INNOCENT WORLD Music Print Pico Lace JSK - 120€ shipped worldwide


perfect condition, only worn twice by me and hardly ever by previous owner, I couldn't find any flaws.
Measurements according to
33.7cm bodice length, 55cm skirt length, 87cm bust, 68cm waist (would fit a bust up to 90cm though)
Made from super soft twill fabric (100% cotton), amazingly lovely to touch
no shirring, detachable waist ties.

Will trade for a dress (JSK or OP), preferably Emily Temple Cute, but I'll look at anything that's not OTT sweet.

DollscroPs fluffy petticoat - 35€ 28€ or best offer

made of many layers of super soft organza and cozy cotton lining
waist 62-72cm, length 45cm
only worn a few times over bloomers, still in perfect condition. I bought it because I thought it was A-shape (like mentioned at Qutieland), but in reality it's bell-shaped which I don't really like on me. It's not as extremely fluffy as in the stock picture, but still very poofy. Looks great under cupcake-shaped skirts and dresses. Since it relies on the amount of fabric instead of stiffness, it will never lose its poofiness! No matter how often you sit on it or wear it, it will stay just as it is.

r-series Corridors of Vioce blouse - 25€ or best offer


Good condition, I'm the second owner and have only worn it once, unfortunately it's too small at the bust for me.

shoulder - bust - waist - blouse length

Will trade for a simple white blouse, or a cutsew of any colour.

r-series Return of Fantasy IX Mademoiselle blouse - 50€ shipped worldwide


This blouse features gorgeous lace and a beautifully embroidered, detachable bow tie. Condition like new, since I am the first owner and have only worn it twice and washed carefully. Size M.

shoulder - bust - waist - blouse length

Will trade for a simple white blouse, or a cutsew of any colour.

Offbrand grey blouse - 20€ shipped worldwide

bust ~90cm. I bought this second hand and have only worn it once. It is in worn condition, but has no holes, rips or stains as far as I could see.

Will trade for a simple white blouse, or a cutsew of any colour.

My measurements (for trades):
34.5" bust
24" waist
5'5" body height

Thanks for looking :)
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