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DS! Meta Special Set, Strawberry Cream jsk, AP Replica Milk Fawn Skirt, Bodyline & Offbrand


- I ship from Canada.
- Prices in USD
- Paypal only
- If you're local I can arrange to meetup.
- Shipping is not included unless otherwise stated
- If the quoted shipping price is more than it was to ship, I will refund the difference!
- I am not responsible for damaged or lost packages
- I do live with cats and their hair does come in contact with my clothes. Be aware if you have allergies! I try to lint roller them the best I can before I ship them out! 
- If you don't like the pricing feel free to make an offer!

- Feedback:

Metamorphose Special Summer Set
$115 Shipped - US/Canada
$15 - Wrist cuffs, bag & hair bow

Skirt: 26-35 inch waist
Shirt: 30-35 bust
Elastic waist skirt & Shirred back
Worn once to try on
Lightweight and cool for the summer
Pus Size Friendly! 
Great for mixing and matching or country lolita!

Meta Strawberry and Cream Green Jsk
$300 OBO or Trade for the Skirt or some other jsk or skirt

Not My Picture but from the previous owner. I will upload a picture later, this was kind of a last minute decision to sell.
I have proof of ownership picstures:

I love this jsk but I've worn it twice and Meta doesn't fit me as well as it could.
Amazing color and diverse!
Bust: Easily 36-38 inches
The Bib, Ruffled hem and bows are all detachable.
Worn twice but in great condition.
Built in Petti.

AP Milk Fawn Replica Skirt - Black

Worn once to try on.
Bought both in black and pink but I never get a chance to wear the black.
Waist: Min 26 inch - Has elastic back
Length: 21 Inches
Decent quality fabric and print, nice quality non scratchy lace.

Bodyline Love Nadia Jsk - Brown

Plus size friendly!
Bust: Min 34 inch - 40 max - fully shirred
Waist: 40 inches max
Length: 31 1/2 inches
Worn twice to try on only!
Loved the skirt but the jsk style doesn't suit me.
Colorway sold out on the Bodyline website.
Cute print and great for country or classic.

Bodyline Music Note Set - Grey

Measurments same as website
Shirred corset laced back.
Worn once. Socks have been washed. All in great condition!
Removable Bows.
Socks are knee high and also from Bodyline.
Colorway sold out on website.

Bodyline Beige Seperate

Bust: min 30 inch
Waist: 30 inch
Length: 32 inch
Waist: min 24 1/2 - 40 inch max
Length: 20 inches
Worn once but in great condition!
Great together or mixed with other pieces.

Offbrand White Layered Jsk

Bust: 28 - 30 inches
Wasit: 26 inches
Length: 33 Inches
Worn once.
Very lacey and great for layering for a wedding or shiro outfit!
Corset boning in the torso.

Handmade Trump Skirt
$20 Shipped US/Canada

24 inch waist
I have taken in the skirt by 9 inches but it can easily be let back out with no damage
20 inches long
Bought from someone on EGL
Worn once to try on
Great overtop of a red underskirt

If you have any questions feel free to ask!

Tags: !ds, bodyline, metamorphose

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