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DS: AP, BTSSB, Dear Celine, Dream of Lolita and WTB: Alice and the Pirates

Hello everyone!

I'm selling a few items due to a chance in taste in recent years :) Here's some information about my sales and terms:

1) My feedback can be found here 
2) I accept PayPal only and am willing to split the fees with the buyer.

3) First to leave their PayPal and pay full price will get the item.
4) Once an item is shipped, I am no longer responsible if the item gets lost in the mail. I strongly suggest purchasing shipping with tracking and will always give proof of shipment. 

4) Although I don't let them anywhere near my lolita, I do have cats. Regardless, clothing will be inspected for small hairs prior to mailing. I live in a non-smoking house.

5) All clothing will be steam-cleaned before they are sent.

6) Prices are in Canadian Dollars

7) Prices do NOT include shipping! I ship from Toronto, Canada.

8) Face trades are available for local lolitas ^^

9) I am open to trades for the items on my WTB below my sales :)

With the exception of one dress for which the photos were taken a bit earlier, my mask will be the proof of ownership ^^

I think that's about it, folks! So onwards to the items:

Item 1: Dear Celine Pony Appliqué Replica OP 

This OP was ordered with custom measurements for an AP clone cosplay and was only worn once for the shoot. It's made of very thick fabric, almost like corduroy. The OP is in excellent condition. The dress has shirring at the back and comes with the original waist ties. 
Length: 34 inches, from where the fabric begins above the chest bow to the edge of the skirt.
Length of skirt portion: 24 inches
Waist: 25-32 inches
Bust: 30-39 inches
Close-up of appliqué:
Waist tie:
I've only got one picture of it worn, and it's pretty tiny, sorry about that^^;
Price: 80$ + shipping SOLD
Item 2: Dream of Lolita Bunny Bag Replica
Like the Dear Celine OP, it was bought for the clone cosplay and was also only used once. It's like new. It can be worn both as a purse and as a knapsack.

Price: 25$ + shipping SOLD
Item 3: BTSSB Pink Scalloped Skirt
I bought this skirt two years ago and have only worn it once since. I'm the third owner, however, so the skirt is used. It comes with the original waist ties and has three tiny, pencil point-sized black dots on it that are not very noticeable. 
As you can (hopefully) see in the picture, one row of lace is a different colour than the rest of the lace on the skirt. I received the skirt like this and have no idea how that happened. 
Length: 19 inches
Waist: 23-26 inches
Price: 60$ + shipping SOLD
Item 4: Light Blue Polka-Dot Angelic Pretty Bustle Skirt
I bought this skirt two years ago at the Kanazawa Angelic Pretty store and have only worn it once since. It's in quite good condition and comes with the original waist ties. The hearts on the front of the skirt also double as small pockets!
Waist: 25-29 inches. I would highly not recommend going higher, although the skirt is capable of stretching to 30 inches.
Length: 20 inches.
Price: 120$ + shipping
Item 5: BTSSB Black Ribbon Scallop JSK
This item was bought a few years back at the BTSSB in Paris and has been worn many times since. It is still in good condition, with the exception of the back lacing being damaged at the bottom. The dress comes with the original waist ties.
On a mannequin:
Note: The white frills at the bottom are actually from the AP skirt being worn on the mannequin underneath. The lace at the bottom, however, is part of the dress.
Back damage:
This dress is a BTSSB size M. 
Measurements from the BTSSB website:
JSK length: 34 inches
Waist: 26-30 inches
Bust: 30-34 inches.
In my experience the dress may be able to go a little bit bigger than the BTSSB measurements.
Price: 100$ + shipping SOLD
I also have a few items that I'd like to buy, or trade for the items I'm selling. I'm particularly looking for bags / parasols / something not a JSK/OP/skirt with any of these prints:
I'm also looking for some of AatP's yoh-printed cutsews or bags.
As for specific items, I'm looking for the following:
AatP Pirates JSK in navy
Sailor JSK in navy

Rose Marine print JSK in black. Note: due to cost, i'd prefer one that came in a lucky pack if possible ^^
Lastly, if anyone has these I will be so happy. My biggest WTB:
AatP Justin Boots in brown, LL size.
Thanks a lot :)
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