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DS: Milk Black Velveteen JSK and Meta White Plus Sized OP!

All images shown were taken by Trample Clothing 
You can now sell consignment items through Trample Clothing!

Terms of Sale:
-We accept payments through Paypal
-We don't charge paypal or transfer fees!
-We normally ship using USPS with tracking
-We ship internationally, please ask for quotes!
-We are not responsible for lost packages
-No returns or exchanges on our items
-100% Positive feedback: EGLFeedback

Please Note: Multiple purchases will receive shipping discounts! The Cart System takes priority, then whomever leaves their paypal email first~ Now onto the Sales!

Metamorphose Tiered White OP
Lovely Plus Sized White OP from Metamorphose!
Elegant Ruffles, Neck Straps, Detachable Waist Ties
Altered elastics, Some staining. Condition: 5.5/10
Measurements: Length 37", Bust 38-40", Waist 35"
Price: $85 + $5.30 Within US, $11.63 International
Payment Pending!



Stain at Neck

Stain at Hem

MILK Velveteen Black JSK
Gorgeous Black Velvet JSK from MILK!
Rich Velveteen, Waist Bow, Pinstripe Lining
No visible flaws or damages, Condition: 9/10
Measurements: Length 35", Bust 34", Waist 25"
Price: $185 + $5.30 Within US, $11.62 International




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