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DS: AP Dollhouse OP (pink) + Metamorphose Crown Cross JSK + KC (white x black)

Rules, etc.
1. I am located in Atlanta, GA, USA.
2. Shipping is included ONLY FOR US CUSTOMERS. International buyers, please inquire.
3. Paypal fees are included in the price.
4. I reserve the right to refuse sales and/or shipping on my terms. I will not sell if you have even one negative feedback. No returns. I am not responsible for lost items (although I've never had a problem with it).
5. The first person to leave his/her PayPal address will get the item.
6. At this moment, I am not considering trades.
7. I do not smoke or live in a smoking house. I do not own any pets (and no pets of any sort come near my closet).
8. No items are "perfect," so please do not buy if you're expecting completely flawless things.
9. As I work about 12-14 hours a day during the weekday, please give me at least a week to ship your items. If it's very urgent, please do let me know when you purchase/make your offer. Thank you!
10. Atlanta local pick-up, please inquire through PM. I go to a lot of the meet-ups and can bring the items then.
11. I will consider payment plans with a 10% NON-refundable (at my discretion) deposit.


1. Metamorphose - Crown Cross JSK + headbow set (WHITE x BLACK) - original release in 2007
Stock Photo

Condition: Used. I'm not the original owner (not sure how many owner it's been through). I've only worn it twice since I got it. One of the buttons of the straps is missing and the previous owner sewed the strap onto the bodice. I wore the headband once (it has wiring, so it'll keep its shape).
Measurements (JSK): Amateur measurements: length ~ 96 cm, bust maybe about 96-98 cm max and min of 85 cm, 72 cm waist. Full front shirring.
Asking price: 165 USD.
Sold at: 165 USD sans shipping.

2. Angelic Pretty - Dollhouse OP (PINK) - original release in 2006
Stock Photo


Condition: Used. I wore the dress twice. Unfortunately, even though I've tried to care for the dress... there are some problems. There are dirt stains that I tried to get out from the velvet-y part of the dress (bow, waist velvet), but I was unsuccessful. One of the lace hoops in the back is broken - which I didn't realize when I purchased it from the previous owner. Since this is an old print, the print has also started to crack, but it isn't noticeable. Please contact me for any damage photos. The dress does not come with the fur collar (and that was how I purchased it), and seems to have been modified by a previous owner from the original state.
Measurements: Amateur measurements: length ~ 96 cm, bust maybe about 100 cm max and min of 85 cm, 72-74 cm waist. Full front shirring.
Asking price: 195 USD.
Sold at: -.

If you think my prices are unreasonable, please don't be afraid to give me your price. I also don't want you to get your item and be disappointed, so please ask questions. I will try to get back to you as soon as I can.

My feedback (all positive): EGLFB
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