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!DS: AP Tiara Rose OP Set & Starkers Corset

Please read terms first!! :)

*All black items are dark, true black, but I used high res on my D5000 so the details would be more clear! Everything is a strong, dark color, so no worries about that! :)

*No holds

*First to leave paypal address *and* pay gets the item - I will invoice, and you have one hour to pay the invoice unless you work something out with me beforehand! This is to prevent the situation in which I invoice someone and then they disappear for over a day with no contact.

*No trades please!

*Within the US, I ship via USPS Priority Mail. All items are insured with tracking no matter what.

*Paypal only please! No e-checks :)

*I ship quickly! Items go out between 1-2 days after payment.

*I am open to negotiation! :)

*I do have dogs, but they are not allowed anywhere near the part of the house where I store my clothing!

*My feedback page is here: Feedback for me!

Angelic Pretty Tiara Rose OP + Matching Headdress + Matching Choker + Coordinating Wrapping Ribbon Socks

Purchased the OP, choker, and the headdress together off of the comm about a month ago! Never worn by me, only tried on briefly! It is in perfect condition! I purchased these socks to match it and they *just* came in the mail today, so they are brand new. But I had decided a week ago that this wasn't the right floral dress for me :/ It's gorgeous, but I'm looking to get something a bit more classical :) Though I love this dress dearly for its design and coloring <3 This is a gorgeous ready to wear full set!

OP has partial shirring in the back. Measurements are:

Bust: 88-98cm
Waist: 68-78cm
Cuff: 28cm
Length w/lace him: 88cm

Price: $275.00 + $10.00 shipping within the US. For international shipping, just ask for a quote!

Starkers Leather Corset

Next is a Starkers by Dianna DiNoble leather corset in hot pink with black leather buckles and black lacing. This is a TRUE corset. It is fully steel-boned and meant for tight lacing. These corsets are all custom made to the customer's measurements.

If you are into corsets you have most assuredly heard of Dianna. Her corsets are of incredible quality! This one was made for me four years ago, to my measurements back then. I had a 32" waist and 38" bust at that time (a D cup). If you are 2-3 inches over these measurements, or 1 inch under them, you should fit this fine. Don't go any LOWER than that, however, or it will loose its tight lacing purpose. Fully tightened, this corset goes down to 29"/waist. It can go up to 35"/waist. Sides are 13.5" long and middle is 14.5" long.

This corset was *NEVER* worn on bare skin. It was only ever worn over long sleeve shirts. I used it solely for Punk or Ero Lolita and Retro coords. I wore it a total of 8 times. It has been laced tight, so the laces reflect that. They are still in good condition, no damages, but they are wrinkled. The corset is in good condition. The leather is flecking in a few pieces from the process of putting the corset on (hastily, I am impatient :P). There are some areas around the grommets from where the dye in the lacings has rubbed up against the leather (laced, it is unnoticeable) Structurally, it's perfect! This corset has a lot of life left in it. I have attempted to photograph all the damaged areas. If you would like any more photos, just ask! :)

I originally paid over $500.00 for this corset, but it has been sitting around unloved, as I can no longer wear it.

Price: $175.00

Thank you for looking! :)

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