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Urgent? WTB: A few items

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Hello Everyone. ^^

I'm heading somewhere at the end of the month and in need of a few things. I won't be able to pay until next week so keep that in mind.

My Measurements:

Bust: 43inches


I have broad shoulders and big calves as well. ^^

First of all I'm looking for Sax or pink shoes (possibly boots) in a size 9. I'm especially looking for the the Bodyline heartbuckle shoes or tea parties in pink but it doesn't matter.  Not to high of a heel as I'm going to be walking all day. (No rocking horse shoes please as I have not master walking in them yet. xD)

I'm also looking for a pink or blue bag. Mainly the strawberry bag and possibly the AP lollipop bag replica (not sure of the name).
Also I'm looking for a pink or white cutsew/t-shirt and maybe a blouse. Short sleeves preferred.

Lastly, I'm looking for some accessories in either pink, sax and white and possibly a pink headbow. Found. ^^
Thank you. ^^

Tags: !wtb, *plus size, an-ten-na, any brand, bodyline, offbrand, secret shop

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