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DS: LOTS of brand (Atelier Pierrot, AaTP, BtSSB, h.Anarchism for PLUS, h.Naoto Blood, BPN, PN)

____====**** Please Read ****====____
* The following items do not include shipping, so please include your postal zip (or country if outside the US) to inquire about shipping.
* I have yet to encounter a lost package, but I cannot be responsible for them. I will however do my best by providing scans of shipment receipts if requested. Please request insurance if you feel uncertain.
* Insurance or tracking can be purchased at an additional cost if requested.
* The first person to leave a Paypal address and postal zip/country for an invoice will obtain the item.
* Please pay the invoice within 24 hours or else the item will go to the next buyer.
* Items are lightly used unless otherwise noted.
* Most items are somewhat wrinkled due to storage and could use some ironing.

* Feedback on the EGL Database.


Baby The Stars Shine Bright Marie Antoinette JSK (pink)
Includes waist ties

Official Measurements:
Bust - 88cm (can go much further due to frontal shirring)
Length - 96cm

baby stock 1

baby stock 2

baby jsk

Baby The Stars Shine Bright My Favorite Things SK (pink)
Includes waist ties

Waist - 70cm

Baby SK

Baby The Stars Shine Bright My Favorite Things Headbow (pink)

Baby Headbow

Atelier Pierrot Bustle Corset Skirt (black) - New with tag
Official Measurements:
Waist - 54cm ~ 66cm

bustle skirt

bustle skirt - tag

AaTP Blouse (white)
Bust - 92cm

aatp blouse

h.Naoto Blood jacket (black)
Bust - 90cm

naoto jacket front

naoto jacket back

naoto jacket

Black Peace Now Chain Blouse (white)
Bust - 88cm
Waist - 76cm

white blouse - front

h.Anarchism for PLUS skirt
The distressed fabric is part of the original design. However there is a used feeling and 1-2 of laces caps have come off.
waist - 78cm

naoto skirt

PEACE NOW High-waist Skirt (black)
Waist - 68cm
Length - 68cm

BPN skirt

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Double Ribbon Bag (white) - New without tags
(Original Price $200)
There is a slight indentation in the back, however this is how it arrived from Baby to me.
Stored in a box since it arrived. I've only cut off the tag.

Baby Bag1

Baby Bag2

Baby Bag2

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Ribbon Ballerina Shoes (black) - New with tags
(Original price $187)
L Size
Slight indentation on toe of right shoe due to long term storage

Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes Detail

Baby Shoes Stock

Betsey Johnson earrings - New
Similar to the earrings Baby released a few years back!

Betsey Johnson

Thanks for viewing!
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