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DS some brand items

Please note that I do have a cat but will try to remove every hair.
Buyer covers shipping.
I cover paypal fees, my prices already reflect that so no surprise fee adding!
All prices excluding shipping.
I will ship within 14 weekdays days after payment, please make sure you're okay with that.
I have +72 feedback on eglfeedback and 166 on ebay.
I will consider offers and trades, just ask.
No refunds or returns, this is a private sale (please pay for insurance if you want to be safe).
I will consider holds in case you pay a deposit or if I know you and we've had business before.
Item goes to the person who leaves their paypal first.
Payment only via paypal except you're from Germany.
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to people I had issues with before.


I just received those shoes by AatP but they are too small for me. They are size L and run pretty true to size.
They are in worn but good condition, a few scratches on the inside that can be removed, otherwise no flaws.

40€ + shipping


I bought this around christmas but it is definitely not made for german winters because it's too thin. It is more suitable for autumn and spring. It has a black bustle in the back and fits well with measurements around 90 cm bust and 75 cm waist or less. No flaws.


130€ + shipping


I like this skirt because it's fully shirred but it is a bit too full for my normally classic style. Like new condition.

40€ + shipping


The left bag. The hooks on the sides for the shoulder straps have been ripped off, I received the bag in this condition. It is definitely used but you can still attach the straps on the hooks in the bag. It looks fine from the outside apart from some usual signs of wear. 

15€ + shipping

And a possible !dt right here:

I'm thinking about partially trading my Midsummer Night's Dream for the skirt. Derp as I am, I sold the skirt because I received the JSK but I am just no JSK person and it sits not really comfortable on me. This is no feeler but the trade depends on how much money you will give me on top of the skirt as I know this is the rarest version and I have paid a LOT for it, even more than new from baby, so please consider this when making an offer.
Also, I will trade this for nothing else in the world than the skirt in black, so don't try. And I won't sell it either.
Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, atelier pierrot, bodyline

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