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!DS GLB,Antaina rocket shoes, bodyline, shirley temple, !WTT AP ,

! DS ! EA

My feedback can be found here

*Paypal for international payment
* no holds
* Trades are ok, I am looking for everything which matches to: 

sugary carnival lavender
Milky chan black, white and rosé
Milky Planet pink and blue
Dreamy Dollhouse in black
IW Lotta
IW Forest animals 

*shipping comes xtra- paypal fees included!
* person who set highest offer and leaves paypal has priority
* I decide who gets the item and who not
* you don´t like my prices? I am open for fair offers just ask! 
* please write down, where do you live, what do you want to have and if you need tracking or/ insurance during shipping.
I am not responsable for lost or damage shipment!!!
* in my house lives a chihuahua!


repost with reduction
GLB xtra Boudoir

pattern never removed
sticker are gone
12 €  8€


newer sales 

Kuma helps me to proof

Bodyline black and white blouse
new with tag
the bow with the black rose is included too -sorry not pictured, saw it tooo late!

size m

bodyline official price 25 euro
my price 20 euro


Handmade Shirley Temple bunny skirt
not by me but really good work

cute cotton lace



stretchable up to 100 cm waist
length 49 cm
price: 25 € 


Infant Bunny Bolero
I bought it 2nd hand but
unfortunately it´s too big for me


Handmade Necklaces
each 8 €

black and lavender

pic without flash:

Bow Necklace lavender


An*tai*na Rocket Horse Frills
size German 38 , Japan L or 24 cm

also WTT

I bought them for 40 Euro and ended up paying 35 € xtra because of GDSK and the worse thing is , I don´t like them on me.
I would like to have the 40 € back but  the best would be , if we could trade these shoes! 
I like more teaparties, heels and more elegant ones in all colors
but mostly lavender right now 
show me what you have 
My boyfriend is American , so its no problem for me to trade with US
the only thing is, that you have to wait for an week till we can ship them!

The came in this condition, incl the stains on the foam:


Bodyline Teddy Bag
both Payment pending!
red: sold

brand new never used incl tag which was removed but will be added if you want 

better pic with flash:
each 7 €


My lavender
SC OP has arrived and I need some matching socks and teaparties!

I want to trade socks! 
I am searching lavender ones which matches to my op
please only brand ones!

Here are my offers for  a pair of lavender socks
prefered AP ones!

1st three are Shirley Temple last two one are AP
strawberry ones are sold
clooser lock of the ap ones:

Tags: !ds, bodyline, handmade, shirley temple

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