Mara (grayhour) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

wtb: looking for certain blue frillies and dream items

My feedback is here, as always! I am a prolific buyer, just not on the sales comm recently.

I'm looking for these items, so please don't offer me a replica or other brand unless it's darn close to this style. The hope is that maybe someone will have one or two of these things!

- I like to pay with paypal
- My measures are 34'-26'-34'
- :)

MM Burberry jsk, milky blue ONLY
It's rare, I know. XD; but one can always hope! I would look at a replica of this, too, it would just have to be the exact color and length, since that's what I love about the original. Couldn't find a stock of the blue.

MM round headdress, pinkxcreme preferred, will look at any colorway

BTSSB 2009 Millefeuille shoes, size M or L
I will look at any colorway, but brown or white are preferred.

Unknown Juliette et Justine dress
;-; I don't know what this dress is called, but it's unbelievably gorgeous. Just throwing it out there.

Thank you for looking, everyone. :)

Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, juliette et justine, mary magdalene
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