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DS! Angelic pretty, metamorphose, mintymix + Old sales. WTB Putumayo and other stuff

Getting back to my old style~
Prices are in CAD
I only ship in Canada and Us. Sorry.
I will use paypal
The shipping + paypal fees are not included in the prices
Sorry for the prices i'm trying to get back what i paid for =/
Also i have cats but i'll wash everything before i ship the items to remove as much as i can!
Everything is in good condition unless it's stated.
Here's my feedback page : http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/1123517.html
I will ship in padded envelopes unless you want a box (the bags will be shipped in a box)
You can ask for more pictures/info if you want!

I'd better like to sell as set unless i can sell everything~
Angelic pretty (measurements from hellolace)~

Milky Planet OP ~ SOLD

84.5cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 90cm bust, 69cm waist, 15.5cm sleeve length, 27cm cuff

Milky Planet Headbow ~ SOLD

Cherry berry bunny skirt 250$

46cm length, 61~82cm waist

Sweet Ribbon Strawberry OP 300$

89cm length, 36cm shoulder width, 90cm bust, 70cm waist, 17cm sleeve length, 28cm cuff

Sweet Ribbon Strawberry Canotier 35$

Wonder Cookie Bustier Style JSK 300$

89cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 84cm bust, 67cm waist

Wonder Cookie Headband SOLD

Wonder Cookie OTK Socks 30$

Little Bear's Cafe OP 300$ On hold~

88cm + 2cm (ball fringe) length, 92cm bust, 76cm waist, 28cm cuff

Jewelry Jelly Switching JSK 280$ SOLD~

84.5cm + 3.5cm (lace) length, 88cm bust, 68cm waist
Note : I bought it without the ribbon at the back so it’s not the original one

Dreamy Dollhouse OP 250$~

85cm length, 89cm bust, 69~79cm waist, 16cm sleeve length, 28cm cuff
Note : It have a very very light stain on it but it’s not noticeable since it’s behind the frill part on the top
Can’t really see it on the picture

Strawberry Cutsew 80$

48cm Lenght, 36cm shoulder width, 84cm bust, 70cm waist, 14cm sleeve length, 24cm cuff
Note : The strawberry at the front is a pocket!

Lovely Bunny-chan Bag SOLD

Shy Bear Bag 120$

Candy Border OTK Socks SOLD

Heart Lace OTK Socks SOLD

Lyrical bunny socks 25$

Note: Have been weared several times there’s stain at the bottom.

Color Scheme Heart Charm Wrist Cuffs SOLD


Honey picnic 120$

Bust :37cm〜55cm Waist:60cm〜88cm Length:69cm

Honey picnic socks 15$


Mintymix wig 50~
Sorry for the pictures.

With pigtails
It’s new i only tried it on.


Secret shop socks SOLD

Chocomint Bows SOLD


Old Sales 20%~

Punk Rave~

Kitty cape~ 16$

It's totally new! never had the chance to wear it =(
Max length: 15-17"


Macaron Skirt~ SOLD

Back Stock
Weared 2-3 times but like new
Waist: 25-32" Length: 21"

Strawberry Skirt~ 12$

Back Stock
Only tried on so it's new.
Waist: 25-37" Length: 19"

Rose jsk~ 24$

Back Stock Neck/head thingy
Weared one time, i had the sew a button back on but not noticeable (You can move the straps), also the flowers on it are a bit "squished" (came like that) but looks easy to remove.
Bust: 33-36" Waist: 26-28" Length (top of the bust): 27"

Strawberry bag~ SOLD

Dream of lolita~

Wonder cookie Jsk~ 36$

Back Stain Stock
Weared multiple times. Looks great exept the stain at the bottom right.
It's some car stain...i never really tried to wash it off >_> but it's not really noticeable when weared.
Bust: 35-43" Waist: 28-32" Length: 37"
I can take better mesurements if you want because it can go a bit bigger since it's fully shirred in the back.


Checkered Jsk ~ 32$

Back Headbow (thin black band)
Weared one time like new, bow still have the tag on it. Removeable bows
Bust: 36-40" Waist: 28-32" Length (top bust): 29"


Whool coat~ 44$

Looks like the one from bodyline but the lace isn't the same.
It's new! Be aware that the shipping price might be a little more because it's heavy!
Max bust: 36" Max waist: 30" Length: 41"

Mini petticoat~ SOLD

Like new. Super poofy and good quality!
Waist: 30-40" Length: 9"

Gothic lolita punk skirt~ 32$

This skirt is so poofy! weared like ~3-4 times.
Elastic waist: 26-36" Lenght: 14"-16" with lace

Offbrand socks #1~ 4$

New. Length: 21"

Rainbow socks~ 4$

Only tried on. Knee high.

Heart socks~ 4$

Only tried on. Knee high.

Dot socks~ 4$

Only tried on. Knee high. It's baby pink not white!


I mostly want these from putumayo!
I might take other colors but i really want the pink ones!

Other WTB

I want some more casual/punk items.I'd really like brnad stuff. Just show me what you got and tell me your price!

Tags: !ds, !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, bodyline, fanplusfriend, metamorphose, offbrand, putumayo

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