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[DS] Angelic Pretty Engineer Boots

1) Feedback: http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/349617.html
2) All prices are in Canadian dollars. No PP fees.
3) I have a hectic work schedule, so I may not get back to you immediately.
4) No returns or refund.
5) I am not responsible for packages lost or damaged by postal services.
6) I am not interested in any trades.
7) Make an offer if you would like.

Angelic Pretty Engineer Boots


Size: L
Colour: Lavender

1. 2. 3. damage - left 4. damage - right

Bought from an auction (at 8000 JPY, I think), but they are a bit longer than I would like. The seller described it as worn twice if I remember it correctly. There are some visible scuffs, but other than that they are in a very good condition.

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty

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