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DS: KERA, Alice Deco

~I take paypal for payment. Fees are included in the item price.
~Shipping is not included in the price. I have provided a quote with the item price. I ship via Priority. I will NOT ship via a cheaper method internationally as it is impossible to track.
~I am not responsible for items once they leave my hands. Please purchase insurance if you are concerned.
~I am open to offers, but priority goes to whomever offers the asking price.
~Priority goes to whomever leaves their paypal and location first.
~No trades.
~Feedback is here:

Shipping: I prefer to ship in the US. I will ship internationally, but it will be very expensive! The magazines are very heavy.
For the US, shipping is $5 for media mail up to 3 magazines.

KERA Magazines

GosuRori #15 (no patterns)- $5
KERA March 2008- $5
KERA Maniax #12 (no stickers)- $10
KERA Maniax #4 (missing 2 stickers)- $10
KERA Maniax #5 (missing 1 sticker)- $10
KERA Maniax #6- $10
KERA Maniax #10- $10

Alice Deco Magazines

Nov. 2008- $10
Spring 2009- $12
Summer 2009- $12
Winter 2009- $12
Spring 2010- $12

I am willing to make a deal if you purchase more than one magazine.
I need to get rid of these!

Thanks for looking!
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