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WTB: Red velveteen head things + wishlist!

Yup, exactly what the title and cut says! I have several things on my wishlist I'd like to buy ~

I'd really like to buy any sort of headthings (particularly bonnets and headbows) in a red velveteen colour. Dark red and wine red won't work, sorry! :c If it's a mix of dark red and regular red that's fine, though. Pinkxred is also OK, redxwhite, redxcream, etc.

I'd also like to buy Baby's Circus Ribbon JSK in black ONLY, NO OTHER COLOURS.

Anything other than the skirt from Baby's Wizard of Oz series

Tripe Tart OP in red specifically, but I'll look at other pieces.

French Cafe anything in any colour other than blue.

Anything with lots of chiffon.

Small-heeled pink shoes (no teaparties or hueg clunky maryjane heels)

Swimmer shoes and accessories

My measurements:
Bust- 39"
Waist- 30"
Hips- 34"
Shoe size- L, 24.5cm, 8-9 US

Please reply with a picture of your item, your price, and feedback link.

Thanks so much! You can find my feedback here:

Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, any brand, baby the stars shine bright, offbrand, swimmer

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