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Areki, アレキサンダー, アレキ

DT: Angelic Pretty candy pop bag in sax x pink

Hello everyone!
I have something for trade!
My feedback can be found here;
Shipping if from/to The Netherlands.

I have for trade an Angelic pretty bag.
Candy pop bag in sax x pink.
I bought it off mbok but i never really use it..
It's as new. No damages or stains!
I would like to trade it

Stock photo (mine is sax x pink)

My pics


AP tag:

I would like to trade/partial trade for:
Milky planet tiered skirt (+headbow) in blue
Milky Planet headbow in black
Pop candy bag in black x pink or lavender
Vanilla chan skirt(jsk) in any color
Merry making party collar jsk in black
Playing cards carnival skirt in pink
Angelic Pretty shirts,cardigans and parka's (really looking for these!)
Dreamy dollhouse salopette in any color (prefer black)
Angelic Pretty tricky items (arm warmers,gloves,socks etc)
Marchen Ribbon jsk or skirt in pink or white (skirt in any color)
Dream doll jsk or skirt in white or black
Bubbles jsk (OP) in mint (consider other colors)
Sherbet wappen polkadot Parka OP in any color but red
Dreamy dollhouse skirt (OP) in mint
Milky chan jewelry jsk (OP) in black white and maybe pink
Powder rose (tiered ) skirt in white (maybe pink)(jsk)
Sugar Time jsk
Star Night theater strapless jsk in black
Toy parade jsk or skirt in white
Polkadot dress parka in any color
Versailles rose embroidery ribbon jsk in black
Vampire Requim long jsk or skirt in any color
Midsummer night jsk 2 in navy
Pocket embroidery jsk in black or pink
Heart marble cookie tiered jsk in any color but red and brown
Friend kumya chan sophie jsk in any color but yellow or brown
Twinkle journey jsk in black

As you can see, i have ALOT of items i like:)
You can always offer me other things. But these are the things i like the most!
thank you

I might also be interested in buying one of these items!


Tags: !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, metamorphose
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