Riss (kawaii_lolita02) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB: AP socks, wristcufs, accessories, and shoes

Hello ladies!

I just received my black sugary carnival JSK and headbow, so now it's time for accessories!
I am looking for A.P. and A.P. replica only! S.S for socks/shoes are welcome. US sellers preferred
as I need these items fast.

I am looking for pink x pink, and/or pink x white wrist cuffs similar but not only what shown here.

Accessories: I am looking for fun, colorful, and mostly pink, sax, and white.
I would love a cute pink bracelet and a few rings in other candy colors!

Socks: I -really- want candy boarder OTK in either black and pink or pink and sax,
BUT please post other cute matching AP/AP replica OTK socks. I don't care what
the bottoms look like so long as the viewable area is nice and clean.

Other than that I'd love to see pink or black AP/AP replica/SS shoes. I wear a US size 8 to 8.5
I have 100% positive feedback and will respond asap! I also have sales going on if you would like
I have 100% positive feedback both from my store and on EGL
Tags: !wtb, angelic pretty, secret shop
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