Sarah Gregg (oomusicbabii) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Sarah Gregg

WTB: Black Montreal RHS, BL Cat Window OP, BL Love Nadia JSK, JSK's for large bust

Location: 02747, MA, USA

On to the items! I am looking for the following:

Montreal Rocking Horse Shoes (Ribbon, not leather strap)
Color: Black, White or Brown (not sure if this color exists)
Size: US 9.5-10 (which should be a 25.5 or 26)
Price: I would like to keep these under $50 shipped.
Example picture:

Bodyline Cat Window OP
Color: Black
Size: 2L

Bodyline Love Nadia JSK
Color: Brown or Purple
Size: one size

Less specific items I am looking for are JSK's in general.
Color: Brown, Navy, or Black (might consider dark greens or dark purples)
Size: 40" bust, 34"-35" waist (it changes daily; will provide cm measurements if asked).
Price: I'd like to keep these below $100
Style: I like classic and gothic styles best, though I will look at anything "sweet" that will fit size and color criteria.

Tags: !wtb, *plus size, any brand, bodyline, montreal, offbrand
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