chaoticelfe (chaoticelfe) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

WTB : alice and the pirates, Baby, Meta, necklaces, hair accessory

Hi !

Here is my feedback link:

I am looking for a lot of dream items~
I am a normal Japanese size, which means very small, so no L or LL items please.

Alice and the Pirates Circus jsk - in blue only

Alice and the Pirates Hymn jsk (will see all colors but mainly looking for blue )

Alice and the Pirates Relief jsk (would die for this one )

This Meta tweed jsk (would die for it too )

Meta blooming garden jsk (this color and this version only)

Meta Royal rose circular jsk (in cream only)

This Meta jsk :

Baby classical rose bouquet :

This Rose Melody dress or similar style

I am also looking at any kind of classic lolita dresses.

This kind of necklace (brand, handmade, offbrand ok ! )

+ any kind of vintage, classic, mori styled necklaces.

This kind of hair accessories (handmade or offbrand ok ! )
They just need to be clips and not combs because my hair is really really thin

Thanks for looking !!

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