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DT: Innocent World Nicholas Fruit JSK with Headbow + IW Boleros (Charity Lucky Pack B)


I just received the Charity Lucky Pack B from Innocent World and... well, it was pretty much an Un-Lucky Pack for me. Still, my trash might be your treasure, and your trash might be my treasure! So, let's trade!♥

Before we begin, some personal details:

  • My feedback page is here: (LINK) Unfortunately, I don't actually have any feedback yet...
  • I ship from Arecibo, Puerto Rico. (This counts as Domestic Shipping for the USA.)
  • I would like to trade for items of similar value. I am absolutely willing to trade the JSK and Headbow (and possibly even the bolero!) together for a slightly fancier JSK on its own.
  • If you have any questions, please ask!
My measurements are 32B-23-34. Please keep that in mind, because I want things to fit me!♥
I'm not a big fan of prints, or the color pink. I'd prefer to trade for brand, indie brand, or taobao, but I am willing to consider well-made handmade items, loliable vintage, or clothes from some other source! I'm predominantly a classic lolita, but I will definitely consider sweet or gothic clothes as well. No skirts, please.

Things I am trading:

Item 1:

Innocent World's Nicholas High-Waisted JSK + Matching Headbow (New, Only tried on once)
: Was, ¥23.940. Since I received it in a Lucky Pack, it is worth less now. However, it is still IW quality!
93cm length (skirt length: 59cm),
80~101cm bust,
62~80.5cm waist.
(By these measurements, it should have fit me easily, but I found it to be tight in the chest area. I recommend this for smaller girls.)
Proof pics:

Will trade for:
A cheap JSK and a Headbow or socks.
An OP.
A cheap OP and a Headbow or socks
Item 2:

The Un-named Bolero: (New, Only tried on Once)
Value: Unknown, also came in Lucky Pack. Probably between 5.000 yen and 10.000 yen originally, but since it came in an  LP, it's worth less...
: It's on the large side, but the armholes aren't very big. Sorry if that's unhelpful, I can measure it if you really need to know.

Will trade for:
Another bolero.
A blouse.
A cutsew. (I don't mean a t-shirt by this...)

I will trade all three items together for:
A cheap JSK or OP with an additional item.
A higher value JSK or OP on its own.
Other full Lucky Packs.
Lucky Pack JSKs from the most recent haul, like the Chair JSK and the Little Lady JSK. (Gotta have 'em kittenflies!)

I'm not very strict about all these "will trades," so suggest away!♥♥♥
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