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!DS 5 bodyline skirts and 2 offbrand skirts

 feedback page: eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1271735.html
ebay feedback: feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll

Hello. I haven't been on any of the lolita communities for a while and i do not wear any of my clothes much anymore especially my skirts so i wanted to sell them. I did have some feedback on the old feedback system but i have no idea where it went or how to get to it so i only have this new feedback page and my ebay.

I ship from 17315 in Pennsylvania in the USA and i only ship to the usa. Also i only take paypal.

Shipping for each skirt is $7.50 and that includes usps track&confirm.

First here are the bodyline skirts for sale: 

I do not know the measurements that bodyline has for these skirts since they're not on the website anymore but they fit my 27" waist fine and they have some shirring so they should all fit any size around that area or anyone who fits bodyline's regular sized items.

SOLD Red and pink bodyline fruits parlor replica.

I have only worn this skirt about 2-3 times. It's in perfect like new conditon. 

price: $25

2. 3. & 4. Bodyline Blue/Pink - SOLD/Black sweet lolita skirts. Also in new condition only worn 2-3 times.


price: $25 each

5. My last bodyline skirt for sale is this Gothic black and red plaid one. It has a spiderweb style layer over the plaid part. The top black part with the buckles has a large panel of shirring in the back. I have worn this one time for an hour or so to take some pictures. It never really was my style so it's been in my closet ever since.

price: $25

Last are my 2 offbrand skirts. They have elastic waists so they can fit a variety of sizes i couldn't say exactly what the max would be but it's comfortable on my 27" waist. They're pretty good quality, i'd say on par with the bodyline ones. They're more of a gothic style. I have worn the black one 3-4 times and the red one twice. They are $20 each.

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