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DS; In the Starlight, bustle skirt, and old sales!

Hello! I'm selling a skirt for my friend. It will be shipped from Albany, not my location. But I have the skirt with me now, so if someone will take it this weekend, it can be sent from NY. Otherwise, it will be coming from Albany.


Pics of the skirt worn;

The skirt has elastic all over, so it stretches nicely. Dont know the exact measurements, but my friend said it should be around 27-33 inches? Maybe an inch more?? Price with shipping within the U.S is $60 with tracking. For international, please wait at least a day or two for the price, my friend will go to the post office for an estimate.

Old sales!

Reduced, Metamorphose, jsk;
Bodyline shoes, offbrand top, and wig;

Thanks for looking!
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