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DS/DT: Small closet cleaning (AaTP, Bodyline, Offbrand)- Prices reduced to sell!

  • My feedback- eglfeedback.livejournal.com/561969.html
  • I ship from Manchester, United Kingdom.
  • I accept Paypal
  • I come from a non-smoking house, but I have cats and rabbits, and they are moulting, so I cannot say the clothes will be fur free!
  • Prices DO NOT include shipping, please ask me for an estimate.
  • International shipping can be pricey, and sometimes takes a long, long time. Please bear this in mind if you're a buyer from overseas!
  • Prices are in GBP (£)
  • I do hold items, providing the seller will pay before the 1st May (I'm leaving my parent's house then)
  • Feel free to haggle!
  • Japanese Minnie Mouse is my proof!
  • If you have any questions, please ask!
Things I want to trade for
  • I'd really like to trade for some of these items, so feel too shy to offer!
  • The items must fit a 34" waist, and a 37" bust. 
  • I'm NOT interested in socks. I just don't wear them!
  • For the AaTP skirt, I would prefer to trade for another brand item, but I will look at good quality offbrand items, including replicas and Indie brand items.
  • I prefer classic, gothic and some sweet items, but I'll look at anything you feel would fit me ^^
  • I'd love to trade for JSKs and OPs, as that's what I mainly wear.

I would really like to get these items shifted, as I have to leave my parent's house tomorrow. Please, make me an offer!

Alice and The Pirates skirt (I think it's called jewelry print, or something similar)- £75 NOW £60, I would really love to trade this, so show me what you've got that will fit me!

I got this from a well meaning relative, who visited Closet Child in Japan and found it. Unfortunately, it will never fit me, and I'm not a skirt person so much. It's in used condition, but I couldn't spot any obvious marks/defects. It is a lovely skirt, the over skirt is detachable, as are the chains. More pictures are available if needed.
Waist (over skirt)- 66cm
Waist (Underskirt)- free (fully shirred)
Length- 53cm

Off-brand (Actually Milanoo, lol) MM replica dress.  ON HOLD!

Actually quite decent quality for Milanoo, the white part of the dress is patterned with a floral design. Selling because it dosen't fit me well, it's tight on my bust. Has ribbon ties at the back, but no shirring. Some loose threads on the dress, but they can be cut off. The bow is detachable. Only tried on, never worn. More pictures on request.
Waist- 78cm
Bust- 80cm
Length- 90cm

Off-brand Lolita dress- £10 NOW £5

Obviously not the best quality, but maybe someone wants to take it as a sewing project? It's very thin material, and also quite short. No shirring at the back. Looks quite cute when it's worn though! I've worn it a couple of times.
Waist- 76cm
Length- 80cm

Fan+Friend Corset- £5 NOW £4
OFFER- Buy both the corset and the blouse for £15

Cute little decorative corset. Came as part of a set with the blouse beneath (skirt has been sold). Can be tied in many different ways, and also to fit different sizes. Worn about 3 times.
Bust- 68cm, but can probably go a bit bigger with ties.

Fan+Friend white blouse- £15 NOW £12
OFFER- Buy both the blouse and corset for £15

Came as part of a set with the above corset. Nice soft lace on the collar and sleeves, looks nice with JSKs. Selling because it's too small for me. Worn a couple of times.
Waist- 74cm
Bust- 86cm
Length- 55cm

Black and white Bodyline Music note Yukata- ON HOLD!

Very cute yukata, came as a one piece yukata, not with a separate skirt. Fits a wide variety of sizes due to ties, selling because I just don't wear yukatas anymore. Worn once, possibly twice.

Once again, any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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