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!DS: OTKs and fluffy headpiece!


Before I show what I have, here's my feedback:


Postage within the UK is included in the price.  ^_^ I'll be going to the post office next week, so I'll post it then. Other countries, please ask for shipping price. ;) I'll be posting by "Airmail Small Packets", so postage won't be too high.

I'd also like to appologise for the not-so-good photos. My charger for my camera is still AWOL, so my webcam was all I had. And it's built into my laptop, hence the angle, etc.


Firstly I have this fluffy heart shaped hairclip. Handmade by myself. Used once for about half an hour.

It is off-white/cream coloured. It has a crocodile clip on the back which you can see in the photo below. There are gold stars and faux pearls on it. Though unfortunately you can't really see the pearls that well in the photo. I'll take another one if someone really wants me to. About 7.5cm by 6.5cm. If you wish, I can sew a pin onto the back of the heart as well, in case you also want it as a brooch? I'll do that for free. I can also make these in pink if anyone is interested. Just leave a comment below if you're interested in a different colour or style and I'll see what I can do. =D

Price: £5

(Just dried my hair after a shower, so my hair is squeaky clean, no worries about that. ;) )


And secondly I have a pair of grey offbrand OTK socks. I can't remember where I bought them, though I remember it was about a year ago. They've just been sitting around, which is why I want to sell them. I've only tried them on. Still in perfect condition. It has hearts on and a sort of spiral pattern on, on either side of the column of hearts. There is also a sparkly (but not scratchy) bow on the top of both socks.

Price: £4 SOLD!


(Haha, please ignore my not-so-lovely face! XD)


£8 for both!
Tags: !ds, handmade, offbrand
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