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DA : Ritual print skirt, Ribbon Star Doll skirt

Terms of Sales/Auction

*I ship from Canada.
* Buyer have to pay postage and packaging. Paypal fees are on me.
* If you do not request insurance to cover the cost of your item, I am not responsible  for reimbursement should the item go missing. I am not responsible if you request a lower value declaration and the item get lost. The difference will be lost. Tracking is expensive in Canada, so be ready to pay a least 40$ USD, especially if you are overseas. USA could cost less (I thimk around 20-30$) but I don't promise anything.
* Prices are in USD. 
* You can find my feedback there : Eglfeedback, Egl_go_feedback and on my personal journal, all positives.

After the end of the DA
* No haggling after winning the item.
* I can accept installments but you have to make the final pay on May 6th, so it's not really useful. Do not ask for more time, I am going on a trip for many months on the 7th. In any case, you have to pay at least 50 % without shipping the same day you win the auction. The depot is non refundable.
* If the buyer didn't pay in 3 days, I'll leave a negative feeback no matter wht and I reserve myself the right to offer the item to the second higher offer or the second BIN offer.

Auctions will be closed Monday 9h00 PM, (GMT-5).

Please bid in 10 $ increments or higher.
Lower will not be considered

Ritual Print skirt : SOLD
Starting bid : 200 $
Current bid : 200$ by lavenderlillies
BIN price : 400 $

Almost in perfect state besides this : I dropped something sticky once on the velvet print and if you look carefully (well, it is about 15 cm between your eyes and the print), you will see it. Otherwise, no one sees it. For some strange reason, it appears like a strong brown on my picture but it's not like this irl. I tried to make it disappear but I couldn't.

You can find my pictures here, here , here and here.

Waist is 65 cm max.

Ribbon Star Doll skirt in royal blue :
Starting bid : 160  $
Current bid : -
BIN price : 250 $

In perfect state. Worn once or twice. 

Measurements: 48cm length, 64cm waist, 240cm hem around. The ribbon pin is detachable.
More informations can be found on Hellolace here.

You can find my own pictures here, here and here
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