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[DS]: Bodyline & Offbrand skirts, blouses and sweater~

+My feedback page!

+ I am located in Palm Desert, CA- US sales preferred, please inquire about international shipping
+ I ship items Priority Mail with a tracking number- please let me know if you would prefer otherwise
+ I don't smoke but I do have a cat. However, all items have been stored in sealed bags and only taken out for photos.
+ No trades, please- I am moving and between jobs so unfortunately I need money more than clothes right now.
+ I prefer PayPal but will also accept checks or (very well) concealed cash. Cash or checks are at your own risk- I am not responsible if they are lost in the mail. Items will be mailed after I have received payment.
+ Item goes to first inquiry that is serious about payment. If you say you are interested in an item but change your mind, please let me know if you don't take it. If you don't respond within 24 hours the item goes to the next person in line.
+ I go to school full time and am working very late at nights backstage at a local theater, so please forgive me if I ever take a while to answer questions.

Price: $35 + $10 shipping
Measurements: Length 65cm, Waist 72-82cm
Details: New with tags. This is a GORGEOUS Bodyline bustle skirt with corseting in the front and partial shirring in the back. I know BL gets a bad rap for poor construction on some of their pieces, but I was seriously impressed with this skirt- very sturdy, floofy, and comfortable.  Picture shown with a light petticoat underneath. It is very full and contains a lot of fabric, hence the higher shipping price.

$20 + $5 shipping
Measurements: Length 56cm, Bust 103cm, Shoulder length: 39cm, Waist 90cm, Sleeve length: 64cm
Details: New with tags. Can accommodate many sizes thanks to waist ties. (Ignore the index card- it was my failed attempt as 'proof' before I just gave up and decided that the color of my wall was unique enough)

Price: $10 + $5 shipping
Measurements: Bust: 40” (measured flat), Waist: 40” (measured flat)
Tag says size 14
Details: Never worn. Bought it off the sales community a month or two ago to match a skirt I already own but the colour was off. The original owner bought it from a local vintage shop. Has pintucks, ruffles, and faux mother-of-pearl buttons. No shirring. The color is a dusty rose, almost a light mauve. Polyester fabric.

Price: $22 + $5 shipping
Measurements: Size Medium, though would be best suited to someone on the small side
Details: Marie Antoinette inspired sweater from Forever 21. A perfect light sweater to wear over pretty coords, it's cream with fine damask scroll work. The band at the bottom (my favorite part and why I bought it!) says 'Let them eat cake'

Tags: !ds, bodyline, offbrand
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