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Hi and welcome! Here are a few things for sale, but I'm also interested to hear your part-trade/trade offers, and best offers :)

Please read these rules before buying:
- Priority goes to those who leave payment details first, or those who are willing to give me the best deal (i.e. full asking price or a better trade)
- I try to keep prices low but I don't mind haggling as in the end I need everything gone!
- Postage prices are separate from the price of the item (both will be listed together). I do not charge any hidden Paypal fees. I prefer to ship by International Signed For, or Royal Mail Recorded.
- Because the extra cost of posting something small with something large is negligible, there will be postage discounts on some items if you buy more than one.
- I try to recycle packaging when I can. Don't worry, your goods will be safe!

Feedback can be found here:  http://community.livejournal.com/eglfeedback/269743.html

Lastly, photos of clothing are shown on my dress form Venus who has my initials on her neckstump (MT for MissyTetra and NLT for my real name).

Onwards to the sales!

*Please remember! If shipping costs significantly less than I estimate, I will definitely refund the difference back to you! I don’t like to make money from shipping fees!  
ALSO!! INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: If you want cheaper shipping, I can quote you for the services that are not tracked and do not require signatures. For what it's worth, I usually UNDERCHAGE shipping as it's expensive here in UK!

Last important notice: Due to the Royal Wedding I will not be able to ship items out until Monday.

1. Black Vintage C&A (Offbrand) JSK 
Pictures of all the details with and without flash are available :)   Here it is shown over a light-medium petti

The beautiful velvet-effect devore-style flock on this is what makes it special. It has an underskirt to make sure your petti doesn’t go a funny shape and there is plenty of room for a good poof. It has little bits of glitter too but they don’t come off. It’s a vintage one from C&A (I bought it from a vintage boutique) but it is in great shape. There has been 3 hand-stitched repairs (one to the bottom of the bodice at the front 

Asking Price: £15 GBP.
Shipping: UK £3.50, Europe £8, Worldwide £9
2. Black Corset-cut Boned Ero Top SOLD THANK YOU!

Pictures of the details are available :)

Measurements: Bust 34-38”, Waist 29-33”, length at front (from the top of the bust at longest) is 15”, and length at front down the middle is 14”. The label states UK size 14.

Asking Price: £9

Shipping: UK £3.50, Europe £7, Worldwide £8

Blue Velvet effect Qi/Aristocrat Waistcoat SOLD THANK YOU!

The velvet effect fabric is lovely and soft and there is a subtle floral pattern on the lining back. It has Chinese style frog fastening to the front and is quite long, so I didn’t know what to call it- I think waistcoat is the closest approximation :3  It’s in mint condition, I bought it from a vintage boutique and wore it a couple times but there’s no flaws with it.


Measurements: Bust max 36” (consider what you might wear beneath it so you still have space!), and the waist max 32” comfortably approx. Label states UK size 10.

Asking Price: £9

Shipping: UK £3.50, Europe £7.50, Worldwide £9.00

Ivory Cream Sheer Chiffon Offbrand Blouse SOLD THANK YOU!

Detail: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/Things%20for%20Sale/creamchiffon2.jpg

I wore this once but finally I decide it’s not for me. It looks nice beneath a JSK and will be cool enough for wearing in warmer weather, I just haven’t worn it in such a long time and it’s a shame for it not to be worn! It has ruffles down the front and buttons up. It’s semi-fitted.

Measurements: Bust measures 35” max, and waist about 30” max. Label states UK 10.

Asking Price: £6.50 GBP

Shipping: UK £3.50, Europe £7.50, Worldwide £9.00


Thanks for looking! Any question, please ask!


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