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IW lucky pack DT/DS

*I have dogs and cats but they arent allowed near where my clothes are stored but beware if you have allergies
*I only accept paypal as a payment option 
*will ship within three buisness days (that the post is open) to you hopefully sooner ^_^
*Interested in classical, country and bitter sweet items that are black, brown, lavender 
*shipping is not included
*All prices are in US dollars
I bought on of the charity luckypacks from IW hoping for a bolero and a pretty JSK. I did get on of the things I wanted which is a gorgeous JSK with a caplet however it is in the wrong color scheme for me :( . So I'm hoping to trade it for the same style JSK with either a brown or cream color

The next item I got is a long sleeve cream shirt which is really nice but It is summer time and I do already own a cream blouse so of to another loving family it goes

This is an L size innocent world shirt so it can fit up to a 30inch waist and without any gapping a 36 inch bust
I'm looking for 100 USD for it
The next are the socks that came with it .They are cute but again I dont own pink so it makes no sense to keep them. 
I'd say they would fit up to  a size 7.5/39/L size foot without too much streching that it would damage them. I'm looking for 20USD for them.
Thanks so much for looking!!
Tags: !ds, !dt, innocent world
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